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Compagnie RasOTerrA
Rue de Rome, 15 1060 Bruxelles
0486 11 32 40
Contact : Cécile Imbernon Fonction : Chargée de diffusion

En italien, « rasoterra » signifie au ras du sol ou en rase-motte. Le travail de la compagnie s’impose comme un saut, un décollage, un défi à nos pieds collés à la terre. Après le duo « Linge sale », l’intense travail physique et créatif de Damiano Fumagalli et Alice Roma s’adjoint la complicité de Claire Ruiz. En trio, la compagnie RasOTerrA s’envole toujours un peu plus haut, en main à main comme à vélo.

In Italian, "RasOTerrA" means “just above the ground”. The artistic research of the company is like a jump, an attempt to take off, it is a challenge to our stuck-to-the-ground feet.. Rasoterra is a company born in 2009 from the desire to put into action the intensive physical and creative work carried out by Damiano Fumagalli and Alice Roma.

In 2011, ”Dirty Laundry” is Rasoterra’s first show, resulting from the collaboration with writerdirector and performance creator Firenza Guidi.

In spring 2012 Claire Ruiz, acrobat in the Tandem Company formed at the ESAC (Brussels) starts to work together with the two Italian cyclists.

The trio is born, the two Italian heavyweights take under their wing the French outsider to complete the pack RasOTerrA. Together, they create a first show: Totem.

In March 2013, the association RasOTerrA is born and rolls on to the creation of “ La baleine volante”.


Discipline(s) : Acrobatie, Techniques cirque spécifiques (diabolo, tissu, mât, bascule, corde, etc)
Créations : 2014 La Baleine Volante
2012 Totem
2011 Linge sale